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Google Maps Starts Mapping Public Toilets in India:

Google Starts locating Public Toilet feature in Google Maps . This feature may seems India to be a Step towards Clean India.
Starting today, Google Maps has begins listing thousands of public toilets in India’s National Capital Region (which includes cities such as Hyderabad, New Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad) and Madhya Pradesh.  

How to Locate this Feature?

Locating these restrooms using Google Maps on desktop and Android and iPhone is as simple as typing "public toilets". (The Search results as shown above) 
The service will be accessible to users both in English and Hindi.
Google toilet locator is an attempt to making access to toilets easier by providing information on their locations every 500 meters in more cities.
Start Using the key word : " ‘Swachh Public Toilet’, users can access 5,162 public toilets located near malls, hospitals, bus and railway stations, fuel stations, metro stations and public and community toilet complexes in the five cities in NCR and 703 in Bhopal and 411 in Indore," the government said in a press release.

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