Fact Behind How Hackers Really Crack Your Passwords?

W ebsites have a lot of different ways to Store your Passwords in its Data Base like 

  1. Google Authenticator(Two-Step Verification).
  2. Master Passwords.
  3. Hashing. 
  4. Tokens.
  5. Last Pass.
But Hacking passwords is a more fun right now!

  • Passwords are Stored in words but is a Several Encrypts called Hashes# look like 

If  u wanna access Ur Computer, u really need Ur Password,they just have to find that same we have to Decrypt the Hash# or which will matches.
To do this hacker community created a Something like Look-Up Tables , Rainbow Tables & Data Files.
There a Common Passwords they are Pre-Hashed# like Password123 hashed like 
is thus
if a Hacker did this before a head and a Millions of Passwords has been hacked  & Just Compare that to get Access to Ur Account & Hackers did this Comparison ready fast as 300 million Combinations every see.
Than How Common Ur Passwords feel now?
its being Interesting Ya!
Computers are Great problem solving one as  we all know. Even Some Companies are failed to secure there passwords then their passwords being get hacked, than how the Companies get control over their secure passwords?
They include Salt techniques like including  $$$****** in the passwords.
There are Two Methods of Hacking Technology where Hackers are Commonly Uses.

  1. Dictionary Attack 

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