How To Charge Your Android Battery Faster

Android Charging

Today am back with the Best Ways To Charge Your Android Battery Faster: 
Today more than billions are using an Android device and everyone knows about the battery life of Android device which reduces very quickly and takes a lengthy time to recharge, just because of lots of apps running in the background. Normally Android takes up to 2 hours to charge. But the charging time can be minimized by some simple tweaks. So have a look at the ways below.

Here am Sharing Some Tips To Charge ur Android Battery Faster

How To Charge Your Android Battery Faster?

here are the Top Hidden features around u to charge Ur Android Battery amazingly fast.

#1 Turn off Your Phone If Possible for faster Charging:

This is most Effective way when u have an Emergency in need of Battery Charging Keep Off ur mobile for very short time. In this mode you, battery consumption goes to zero and it gets charged quickly as compare to the running Android with lots of running apps.

#2 Use Airplane Mode While Charging:

In Airplane mode, all your mobile networks get stopped and makes it to Charge Ur Mobile as fast as Soon  As at that time your battery consumption will go very down and you can easily charge it with great efficiency. Even this tweak can reduce your charging time to up to 40% so must try this.

#3 Use Original Charger Adapter & Data Cable

Only the products that are specially designed for your Android from the manufacture are the best compatible with your Android. So better is to use the original charger for quick battery charging.
#4 Use Battery Saving Mode.
This doesn’t help you to charge your battery fast. However, you can use the inbuilt function which comes as the stock option to many models. If you have Android Lollipop or later version then you could find the battery saving option in settings. Switch this on to conserve power while your phone recharges.
#5 Never charge your phone from PC or Laptop:
The reason behind this is very simple whenever you charge your phone from PC, it will not do any benefit to your phone because computer USB ports are typically 5V @ 0.5 amp. Since the USB provides half the current, it charges the phone at half the speed.


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