Nokia MIKA

Nokia launches MIKA - the first digital assistant customized for telecommunications operators.

#Nokia -MIKA that stands for ‘Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant’ — is the first digital assistant trained specifically for the telecom industry, designed to provide automated assistance that saves time and frees highly skilled workers to focus on critical tasks which was designed by the nokia.
Mika is Just like Amazon's -Alexa, Apple's -Siri, Microsoft's -Cortana and Google,
We recently heard about Nokia with the recent launching of the Nokia 6  Android Based smartphone, but it is a carrying work of HMD Global carrying with the Nokia's brand name. The original Nokia has been living a low profile since it sold its smartphone business to Microsoft. 

Nokia AVA, a cognitive service nokia's platform, is the driving force behind MIKA. The digital assistant includes intelligence and automated learning. It facilitates a documents, and data sources. MIKA – accessible on web and mobile – can suggest network problem solutions based on what it has observed on other networks also.
Why Can't we wait! Just Say...
Hello MIKA, tell me a joke

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