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Opera Neon-Review

Opera Neon:

opera neon
Yes, What u here is correct! Opera Neon is  feature of all Web Browsers.

Opera is back with another experimental browser, the Neon based on the same engine as the Opera browser.

It is a completely different take on how we use browsers, based on how we use browsers these days. If you haven’t realised browsers haven’t changed much in the two-odd decades that the Internet has been part of our lives.

Opera Neon-Review

* Pro's & Con's:

Comming to the neon review we will mostly talks about is the concept browser for windows and some of the feartures are below:

Opera Neon

  • Fresh Design-(Feast Your eyes)
  • Engage your Sences(newely developed physical engine)
  • visual tabs and gravity.
  • snap-to-gallery.
  • Split screen mode.
  • video pop-out and player.
with all these features makes opera a new fresh look browser..

  • This is a concept browser and not really stable.
  • If you are one of those used to browser extensions then Neon could pose issues as it does not support any at the moment.

Click below..If U wanna Upgarde ur Opera browser to  latest Neon.

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