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Warning! These Android VPNs Are Not Secure:

Researchers Issue Security Warnings About Several Popular Android VPN Apps

Recently A study by researchers from Data61/CSIROUC BerkeleyUNSW Sydney, and UCSI studied and found that there are  several popular VPN services on Android open up a variety of security holes, including injecting JavaScript for ads and tracking services, traffic redirection to commerce sites, and more.

Those VPN's are listed below!

VPN list

VPNs are more useful for encrypting your web traffic or getting around regional restrictions. 
Most of these VPN services require a subscription feature, but many also offer free options. Researchers tested more than 283 different apps and found that many of those apps injects adware, Trojans, mal-vertising, or spyware. What they found was not great:
  • 18% do not encrypt traffic.
  • 84% leak user data.
  • 38% reveal malware or malvertising.
  • 80% request access to sensitive data like user accounts or text messages.
So, Don't Use these VPN's and If any uses they might be Jailed!

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