Hey today we are checking out cool websites  there are millions of websites on the internet by here we are collecting 10 cool websites for geek users 😝😁

1. HackerTyper

type like a hacker in Ur computer from this website open this website in Ur browser and press keyboard keys randomly and this will convert those keys randomly and this will convert those keys strokes into some hacking codes spoof! for each time when u pressing a random key and I can compare this feeling experience in traditional sci-fi movies hacking scenes and u can press the alt button and u will see the ultimate hacking message "access-granted"


minute mail

this website is a possible email service for beating spam or rather we can say it's a temporary email service which loss only for 10-minutes from the moment u enter the site if u don't want u to give Ur real email Id for someone this site will help u. Use this email service for generating randomly email service.


norse corp

this site will let u see the live hacking a text map in ur computer screen sounds crazy right! but just its a kind of truth. it's a simple amazingly cool



Get thousands of free tutorial and video courses from site.



this site will lets u download an official android app in ur PC directly just go to the package name for downloading the app simply paste the URL of google play store app


youtube TV

U probably know this already but I have to mention this already on the list anyway because I founded go, get clean view of youtube video without any distraction, u can control this with keys because it's a tv optimized version of youtube, u make like it definitely


Gt Metrix

check any website speed by this website from this analyzing website speed and errors in the website. check why ur website is slow and u make changes from this recommendations.



with the help of way back machine, we can see the history of any website



destroy any website this website just a prank but it's fun open this site in ur PC and just tries it. U may definitely like it (Try it in ur free time)


Live ATC provides free air traffic control broadcast from air traffic control around the world.

 so if u are interested to know something about this kind of things it's definitely an another cool website!

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