This Smashed iPhone-4S Costs about $149,999! more than as much as a high-end sports car or an Bike? -Read here’s Why?


The Truth about why this smashed IPhone-4S costs more than a High End Sports Car or an Sports Bike. Actually this IPhone is making viral in tech because its not an normal Iphone.The reason behind such huge price tag was because the phone’s back panel will pays homage to "Apple’s co-founder", the late Steve Jobs
The seller also claimed that “Only 56 phones made to honor the late Steve Jobs.”
If U closely look this apple Logo u will seen #Steve Jobs behind this half bitten apple logo.
This shows us that The back panel of the iPhone 4S reads “Steve Jobs 1955-2011, ” and if you look at the Apple logo on the back panel of the handset up for sale, you will see the different logo. You will see a modified logo which "Jonathan Mak" designed as a tribute to Steve Jobs after his death. 

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