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Here Are The 5 Most Active Torrent Sites Of 2017

Today am sharing the best and active Torrents sites of 2017, we today's Young generation spends most of the time on the internet rather than on the TV. They keep on downloading games and movies from the internet.  The Internet is becoming a great source of entertainment.If we want to download any Movies or Games from any website we needs an active Torrents.  

What is Torrent?

 Torrents is nothing but a certain file which may contains any movie or games, actually Torrent is a hacked file. Torrents are most trustworthiness/active trusted websites which contain all premium software's ,plugins,games or any latest movies. Actually Torrent is a place where we can download all latest released one's.
these Torrent sites are most harmful sites that may harm you in the form of "virus" or "annoying ads". But these sites are really helpful as we all know. The government may sometimes blocks best torrent sites, when they are blocking spammy torrent sites. 
How a Torrent network works?
Torrents sites have a large independent network for sharing databases. The best torrent sites are legal sites. Downloading depends on upon seed, peers, and leeches. Torrents is simply a server or a storage space. You download files from this space

  • Seeder's:- Seeders are those who uploaded the file into the Server.

  • Leecher's:-Leechers are those who download the file(U).

  • Peer's:- Peer's are those who was Downloading the file and sharing are known as "Peers".

Here am sharing  The 5 Most Active Torrent Sites Of 2017

This is the latest top most torrent site for downloading latest movies.
we can google it!
This site may contains ads but not harmful.

Alexa Rank: 560

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kickass torrent

kickass torrent

The kickass torrent Its the one of the best torrent sites to download torrents. This has an Alexa rank of around 15,000 means it is a very popular site for torrents download. Kickass is a very fast site  old site. started with the URL but it was changed.

You can even download latest movies which it had taken legally from torrent sites. It even has it’s own blog describing its journey from when it started to now. It takes torrents file from virus free torrent sites to download torrents only. You can even download latest movies from this site. It has a good collection of latest mp3 songs and torrent ebooks also. They even have their big list of achievements.
the new domain is this

Alexa Rank: 15,000

#3 ExtraTorrent


It is the 2nd torrent site which was grown the most in recent months. ExtraTorrent’s active community is the reason why this site had gained lot’s of fame and success. If you are from India, then you will find this website very helpful.
Alexa Rank: 244



It came into the spotlight when other torrent competitors went down. Right now it was on the top ten list of the best torrent site. You can search for different TV-shows and Movies with popular RARBG tags.
Alexa Rank: 272

#5 1337X


If we are browsing this site from India, then you need to turn on your VPN, because this site is blocked in India. It had some issue with several admins and moderators protested over security concerns. However, the site is improved and kept growing in traffic. The site is regularly updated, and the community members are active
Alexa Rank: 819
These are the Top 5 Best Torrent Sites To Download Torrents [2017] !! Enjoy Torrent!
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