Android O

Android O

Google in its I/O 2017 conference, released a Developer Version of Android O, and here are some of our latest amazing features and  you should actually need to know it.

What is Android O?

  • Android O is the next(Naughat)version of Android, with new Extraordinary Latest features.

Android O Developer Preview Features:

Over the years,Google is introducing many interesting features to Android OS and the same continuing to the upcoming Android O OS which introduces a variety of new features and capabilities for users and developers. 
Below are the new features that are a part of Google's new Android O

Top 10 Features of Android O:

#2)Adaptive Icon frames.
#4)High Quality Audio.
#5)Auto Fill Feature.
#7)Improved Keyboard Navigation.
#8)Ram Management.
#9)WiFi Aware.
#10)Color Management.
  • [accordion]
    • #1)Notifications
      • Android O  will expect to see new enhanced version of development in notification with that allow you to create a user-customization channel for each type of notification you want to display.New addition to the feature includes “app-defined categories for notification content,” which will give users the ability to change the behavior or block channels individually. also able to snooze Ur notifications for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or for an hour.
    • #2)Adaptive Icon frames.
      • Android O introduces a new version of Icons which can animated icons for Widgets,Home screen and even in shortcuts.
    • #3) Picture-In-Picture.
      • Actually what is Picture-In-Picture? OK, its nothing but Android O is building on the multi-window mode as seen on Android Nougat, the new feature brings multi-display and overlay support when launching an activity on a remote display.
    • #4)High Quality Audio.
      • Android O is now providing with high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs, and Audio API designed for apps that need low-latency, high-performance audio. The Connection-service APIs have also been updated to allow third-party apps to be controlled by Bluetooth devices. For instance, apps can display and control calls using the car head units.
    • #5)Auto Fill Feature.
      • Android O is now providing with Copy less feature. Google is adding support for auto fill, which will quickly help you fill out data in transaction forms.
    • #6)Fonts.
      • Android O will providing with latest Dancing Scripts,Lobster and Typo_Graphica fonts for better visibility.
    • #7)Improved Keyboard Navigation.
      • Android O will be seems with improved navigation and keys.
    • #8)Ram Management.
      • Android O -RAM Management and Background Processes handling is said to improved which can mark a difference in performance of a device and improved battery life.
    • #9)WiFi Aware.
      • Android O- will be provided with WiFi aware program which in based on the Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) specification.
    • #10)Improved Color Management.
      • Android O- will comes with highly improved Color management that have a wide-gamut color capable display.

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