Google's #MyAndroid Taste Test is a new way to customize Android Home Launcher,wallpapers, icons, and more

Google launches #myAndroid Taste Test to customize Home launcher, Wallpapers, Icon, fonts and more.

#My Android Taste Test

#MyAndroidTasteTest - Google wants to take the guesswork out of the process and thus has created the #myAndroid Taste Test website.

  • How to Use this My Android Taste Test?

Simply You have to Visit the site and answer 22 asked questions from ur choice. Questions might be ranges from whether or not you like "strong", "Materialistic colors" or even "round icons".
At the end of the Questions, Google will Show you three custom looks(Launchers) created based on your chosen answers.
Scroll down to view each part -- be it a launcher or icon pack -- of the look, complete with links to install the respective item on your Android device. So far, the service has come up with some solid recommendations based on my answers.
Now, if only it could set up each launcher and arrange the icons for you.

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