*[Warning] Just One Photo Could Have Hacked Millions Of WhatsApp Accounts:

Security Flaws-According to the latest report by Checkpoint  "Israel-based cyber security company" disclosed a serious flaw in latest popular messengers like "WhatsApp" and "Telegram" that could allow hackers to take over their accounts. All that was required by the hacker was to send a malicious image file to the victim. As soon as the person clicked on the image, the hacker could control the person’s account.

Source: Check Point

How these Accounts was been Hacking?

According to the latest reports by Checkpoint, the image file will specially craft HTML file along with a false thumbnail to appear like an image for users. when users click on this image a special database will be created and stored in internal storage and might be uploaded to the hacker.
Watch the demos below for more information:

This is the new way of hacking, so be careful before receiving any image from unknown!

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