#UninstallSnapchat, # Support INDIA Snapchat Ratings Drop To ‘One Star’ On Google Play Store.

The word #UninstallSnapchat is trending in India, after the Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel's Comments “This App Is Only for Rich People,” India is Too Poor for this App 
Indian Peoples are very angry Indians Awake on this aspect. 
Uninstall snapchat.. rate as worst in play store and app store... flag as inappropriate. 
Some Netizens uninstall Snapdeal app instead of Snapchat as they think snap is also in snapdeal, this makes too controversy news  
As per the Snapchat app info on Google Play Store, the "Customer Ratings" of the current version of the app was "single star" (based on 6,099 ratings) and all versions rating were "one and a half star" (based on 9,527 ratings) as on Sunday morning.

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