Google Play Awards-2017

Google Play Awards-2017 Nominees Revealed, Winners will Be Announced At I/O [May 18, 2017]

Google shortlisted This year’s Play store Awards for the best Android apps of the year 2017 in 12 categories of awards, ranging from

Google Play Awards-2017 [Nominees]

  1. Standout Indie.
  2. Standout Startup.
  3. Best Android Wear.
  4. Best TV Experience.
  5. Best VR Experience.
  6. Best AR Experience.
  7. Best App for Kids.
  8. Best Multiplayer Game.
  9. Best App.
  10. Best Game.
  11. Best Accessibility.
  12. Best Social Impact.

#Best App-2017

  1. ProDeaf Translator
  2. Charity Miles Walk&Run Tracker
  3. Sea Hero Quest
  4. ShareTheMeal – Help children
  5. Peek Acuity
You can check out more nominees categories and Awards winners list here. Gnaneshwar Gaddam

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