How to Create a Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10?

    Remote Desktop Connection- Remote Desktop Connection is a ("client computer technology") which allows you to connect to a remote computer ("host computer") within a different location. 

    Steps to Create a Remote Desktop Connection in Windows10/7/8:

    Step1-Type and Search ‘remote’ in the Windows 10 taskbar (in Windows7 u can search through start button) and click on Remote Desktop Connection, Desktop app which appears in the result, to open it.u will get one pop-up window as shown below.

    Remote Desktop Connection

    Step2You will have to ensure to type that the Computer, Username, etc,  fields as required are filled in correctly under the [General tab]
    Step3In the Remote Desktop Users dialog box, click Add.
    Step4-In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, do the following:

    • To specify the [search] location, click [Locations], and then select the location you want to search.
    • In entering the [object names] to select, type the name of the user that you want to add, and then click OK.

    #Conclusion (Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10)

     If you can connect to your working computer from your home computer and have access to all of your programs, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at work. You can start or stop ur programs running at work and then when you get home, you can see your work computer's desktop displayed on your home computer, with the same programs running.This is a functioning of Remote Desktop.

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