World’s Fastest SD Card

World’s Fastest SD Card In India [Sony™️ ]:

Sony launched world's fastest SD card and card reader and it made biggest game changer for the company.
This digital Sd card is said to bring more unique features that will allow users to store and transfer data with high capacity and at top speed. Sony released this Digital SD cards with a new series named "SF-G IN" 

Sony's SF-G IN

This "SF-G IN" SD card new series along with a card reader is said to be made for the easy and fast transfer of data. Sony recently launched 3 SD cards with varying capacities and prices. The least expensive SD card offers a 32 GB of storage capacity. The other two variants of this are offered with higher storage capabilities at a higher price.

What is the Price of Sony's SF-G IN?

Sony SF-G IN will be priced in India about Rs.6,700/- 

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