Sony Smart Contact Lens

    Sony’s Smart Contact Lenses Will Record And Store Videos What You See!

    Sony is developing Smart Contact Lenses capable of recording and playback video. You will be able to record and relive the most memorable moments of your life which u
    can record everything which will have a camera that can zoom, focus, stabilize images, and adjust its aperture

    How this Sony’s Smart Contact Lenses Will Record And Store Videos? 

    • A sensor on the lens identifies pressure from the eyelid and snaps the photo right before or after your blink eye. 
    • The contact lenses can take photos and record videos as well as play back the captured footages for the user.
    • The Photos or Videos are automatically sent to a phone or other device or can be displayed in front of the wearer’s eyes, no other screen needed.
    • Sony uses an electroluminescence display screen to playback recorded content. 
    Smart Content Lens

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