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    Activating YouTube Dark Mode

    Step1Make sure that you have to update ur Google Chrome web browser (version 57 or higher).
    Step2: Open YouTube in the new tab and press key's "Ctrl+Shift+I" to open Chrome’s "Developer Tools". It will show a new pop-up to the right.

    Developer Tools
    Step3: Click on the “Console” tab, and just paste the below command as it is: document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE" and press Enter. (as below)

    YouTube's Dark Mode
    Step4:  Close the developer tools pop-up & refresh ur page by clicking "Ctrl+R". Next Click on your profile in YouTube and you will find a “Dark Mode” option. 
    Click on it and then, enable the toggle “Activate Dark Mode“(as below)
    Dark Theme

    Step5: Click on the Active Dark Theme radio button, you successfully activated "YouTube's Dark Mode".

    YouTube's Dark Mode-Advantages

    By activating this Youtube's Dark mode -Google Ads are disabled and youtube video's make load faster than normal.

    Conclusion-YouTube's Dark Mode

    Here's How to unlock YouTube's Dark Mode Theme.
    Do you know YouTube has a secret dark mode- and you can activate it? The secret dark mode is available on Google chrome version 57 or above.

    • If You have any problem feel free to contact here in comments.

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