Google’s New VR Camera

Google’s New VR Camera: Next generation Jump camera with 17 Lenses And Shoots 360° Stereoscopic Video:

Jump -Google's new VR video solution makes 3D-360° video with best-in-class "automated stitching technology".
YI HALO introduced this product, This YIHALO is the tech company partnership between Google and YI, a subsidiary of Xiaomi.
This 3D-VR camera, consisting of 17 lenses, which allows you to capture, Seamless 360 Video in every direction with High Resolution + Depth Quality.
Jump stitches beautiful, seamless panoramas. Exposure control and tone mapping make sure it feels like one video. It also has the ability to run 100 minutes with a battery, which can be changed without turning the system off.

Google’s New VR Camera: Specifications

  • Captured video with 17 Lenses.
  • Shoots 360° Stereoscopic Video.
  • Shoots 8K x 8K Stereoscopic Video
  • Seamless 360° Video.
  • 3D in every direction(near things look near, far things look far).
  • Videos are High resolution and come with Depth Data(ready to go for edits and visual effects).
  • Long battery life(captures complete 100Minutes easily).
  • Watch from anywhere with Daydream View or Cardboard.

Google’s New VR Camera: Price

Google’s New VR Camera Price will be about $17,000.

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