Image: (2013)
Image: (2013)
An unconfirmed, news revealed the internet and news channels that these old pictures(2013's) are being circulated with fake stories like “Russian fighting WannaCry with holy water.”
Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs was blessed by "Patriarch Kirill", was ostensibly blessing Russian ministry office computers with holy water to help them to fight with WannaCry ransomware.

Is Russia Really Fighting WannaCry Ransomware By Spraying Holy Water On Computers?

This 2013's old photos going viral internet, that The priest shown in the image is "Patriarch Kirill" who is the country’s uppermost priest.He sprayed holy water over computers at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2013 but The Sun media allegedly reported this as the latest news Sadly, hackers were still able to attack those computers last week, The Sun reports, This makes a questionable to all countries where if Russia really using  this holy method to fight with the bad ransomware!

Will Ransomware Stop with this Holy method?

Right today, The dangerous Ransomware had attacked more than 20lakh computers around 95+ countries in the world. 
An unproven news broke today on the internet that the Russia’s top religious priest was probably blessing Russian ministry computers with holy water to help them to survive WannaCry ransomware. 
Image: (2013)
Image: (2013)
Don't think that this method is to stop the ransomware! that much easily? Did your belief that this method works?
It will be so strong that no wrong to guess that the priests might be called up again to bless their computer once again from Wannacry Ransomware. 

So, what do you think about this? did really this holy method stops ransomware?
 Share your views in the comment box below.

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