Supercomputer with 160TB of RAM

Fastest prototype Supercomputer with 160TB of RAM

Hewlett-Packard(HP), one of the biggest tech company in our world makes world's Fastest prototype Supercomputer with 160TB of RAM. This is a futuristic supercomputer which can apparently support 160TB of RAM made this supercomputer. HP’s biggest dream project towards step of a mega supercomputer is coming true and it brings along some limitations as well. For instance, this new supercomputer predicts that the ‘Big Data Era’ building this computer is just an initiation towards achieving maximum results in the coming times.

160TB of RAM

With 160TB of RAM, Maximum of 4,096 yottabytes(=1septillion (1024) or, strictly, 280 bytes) or, 2,50,000 times the size of the entire digital universe today
With this prototype supercomputer, even our world's data will be saved in its one single chip!
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