China sends 'unhackable' message using quantum satellite

CHINESE RESEARCHERS have performed the first successful communication using their quantum satellite, towards the creation of "unhackable" communications, by transmitting a quantum signal of the length 1,200km from China's communications satellite Mencius to Earth in the night time and their next plan is to perform this task in day time too.
Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have announced that the satellite distributed entangled photon pairs to two locations separated by 1203 kilometers on Earth, through two satellite to ground down-links.
The Chinese team has called this Quantum technology “that the only way to establish secured keys between the two distant locations or objects on earth without relying on trustful relay.” They used a pair of  "Transmitter" and "Receiver" for this operation.

China Quantum

In the current experiment, a laser beam projected from the satellite was split into two polarized states. One of these were used to transmit the entangled photons, while the other to receive the photons
The scientists found that the photons which retained their entangled states during their journey to Earth.
This Project was successful this time and the team was planning to perform this operation during the day time to gear-up with more light pollution from the sun.
Did you ever find this development in quantum satellite field interesting? & Did u ever noticed that the huge development in science technology to prevent from hackable??? 

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