French Artist gets ID card based on 3D modelled version of his head

A FRENCH ARTIST named "Raphaël Fabre" Received A National ID Card Using A Computer-Generated Head shot.
Raphaël Fabre that he himself submitted a photo-realistic computer-generated image of himself - and he says it was approved without question.

The application made back in April is completely fabricated, using techniques used for Hollywood special effects, based on a 3D model of his head, which he then parsed into a passport compliant photo.
Check Raphaël Fabre's application below:
Raphaël Fabre
To ensure his Computer-Generated Head shot it was as artificial as possible, Fabre told Gizmodo that he modeled by the time-saving technique which was used by video game and visual effect studios made it by hand using 3D software. He also used particle effects to generate fake hair.
He thinks that This might be a good reason to question its authenticity. As convincing as the photo of his new ID card looks, an artist talented enough to make a photo realistic head-shot could also easily Photoshop an existing ID card to support their claims. But Fabre, has tried to fool audiences with 3D portraits before, so it's not hard to believe he would try to fool his government to test just how realistic a fake headshot could be.
In an email, he wrote:
I thought at first of using a 3D scan, but I wanted the picture to come as much from the software's as possible, so I started from a basic cube in Blender, that I modified and sculpted to make a basic human head. The model is then re-sculpted more precisely in another software... I still needed to use a texture from photographs of myself, which are painted by projection on the model. Back in blender, all the lights, shaders, are added. The clothes are 3D models too... Once the model is rendered in blender, the 2D image had to be a lot retouched to correct the lights, make my face more resembling... and the image needed to look like it came from a photo booth, and not like a 3D render.
Whats ur Opinion about this new National ID card based on 3D modeled version of his head? 

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