CopyCat Malware Affected Over 14 Million Android Devices

CopyCat Malware

CopyCat Malware:

Researchers have found that CopyCat Android malware had affected over 14 million devices last year, The Cyber threats increasingly with on time abundance of platforms such as Android, Linux, and Windows to name a few succeeding in rooting at least Five million of them. The malware made simplistic by entering devices via malicious apps available inside unauthorized app markets, instead of "Google Play".

The Researchers defines "CopyCat" to as:
"A fully developed malware with vast capabilities, including rooting devices, establishing persistence and injecting code into the Zygote"
After a device is infected by CopyCat, it considerably holds itself until the device reboots and then it tries to root the device. As an attempt to root the device, the malware uses six vulnerabilities owned by Android 5.0 Lollipop and earlier versions through an 'upgrade' option. Although the defects found by researchers was capable enough for earlier Android versions, it could still be determined in the devices that have not been patched or updated in last two years. It displays fraudulent pop-up ads on a user's screen and steals app installation credits. It also installs fraudulent apps directly onto the device, netting its creators' even more money.


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