Facebook’s "Find Wi-Fi" tool
FACEBOOK "FIND Wi-Fi"  Last year's, the Facebook testing feature which made it easy to find public Wi-Fi networks around you inside. It was only available on iOS, and only in select locations but now Facebook is rolling out the feature to everyone on its mobile Facebook apps. 
Just follow these steps:
  • Open the Facebook app and then click the “More” tab.
  • Select “Find WiFi” from the list of available options. You might be prompted to turn the feature on.
You’ll see a list of nearby Wi-Fi locations on a list or map.
It’ll continue its services if you’re traveling internationally or nationally and don’t have cellular data/can’t afford to roam. There’s often Wi-Fi somewhere around you.
This tool only lets u Lists "Wi-Fi networks" that businesses have chosen to share their information on Facebook, so you’re probably not going to find every possible connection through the tool. Also, note that Facebook will turn on its "Location History tracker" 
If you enable Find Wi-Fi, which keeps tabs on all the places you’ve visited

Then why wait? Let's activate Facebook Wi-Fi and use it.

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