World's new Richest man after Billgates


Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. That title now goes to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos(Founder of Amazon).
According to CNBC,
 JEFF BEZOS had a net worth of over $90.9 billion as of the close of Wednesday markets, while Bill Gates had a net worth of just over $90.7 billionearnings made Bezos the title of world’s richest person on earth. After Amazon's IPO in 1998, his net worth was $1.6 billion by 2012, that number had risen to $18.4 billion in the 1st 6months of 2017, Amazon stock rose 40% that added 24.5 billion to Bezos net worth. The Amazon founder is the first person to knock bill gates from the top spot in 7years and he's only the 6th person to claim the "World's Richest" title in the last 30years, it's not bad for the guy who started selling books out of his garage.

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