KFC SMARTPHONE -KFC & Huawei's Celebrates this auspicious 30Yrs anniversary, Huawei and KFC have teamed up to release a limited-edition, Sanders-approved smartphone.
The KFC smartphone is in deep red and is designed with "Colonel Sander’s" face, along with the date. 
KFC smartphone is labeled as Huawei’s ‘SLA-AL00’ and is powered by a Snapdragon 425, along with 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of onboard storage that can be expanded with up to a 128GB microSD card. There’s a 5-inch display, but with a rather disappointing 1280x720 resolution. However, with a 3,020mAh battery, there should be ample battery life for a wholesome jukebox session at the local KFC. comes with 32GB of memory, and as you might expect, is bundled with mountains of KFC-related bloatware. 
KFC made the announcement about the partnership with Huawei in a post on its Weibo account on Friday this week.
KFC opened its first restaurant in China a short distance from the Tiananmen Square in Beijing in November 1987. 


Today, China, which counts KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in its stable of brands, has more than 7,600 restaurants in the country.
As a 30Yrs KFC's Anniversary Huawei released  A total of 5,000 units of the limited edition phone, KFC declared on Weibo. This smartphone will costs up to 1,099 yuan ($161.91) per unit and will be available for sale on the fast food company's Tmall store from July 13.
Why be wait for this smartphone! Take a look at it..
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