RED is selling a $1195 ‘holographic’ media machine for filmmakers

RED one of the biggest professional film cameras makers, but now the company is parting out… into smartphones. Specifically, a $1,195 modular "Holographic" smartphone coming out next year, with virtually no known specs.
As the company can't split out more from this red beast but Pretty much the only important spec we know about the RED Hydrogen, as the phone is called, is that there’s a 
5.7-inch “professional holographic display.” 
The phone is clearly a niche device intended at RED users, what with the ability to serve as a "Camera Monitor" & "Playback RED" file formats, as well as it will easily handle “VR, AR, and MR” content. 
Still, it gives the high-end performance of "4K footage" and decent "VR experiences".
That seems a lot near like the "Stereoscopic Display".
The only other specs in RED’s press release are: 

  • USB-C port, a microSD slot.
  • some metal contacts for modules akin to the Moto Z series. 

That doesn’t exactly tell us much.
Coming to the price matters, actually of course flagship specs at $1,195. it's the price for the "Aluminum model, a titanium variant will sell for a price range over $1595. You can place a pre-order for the phone now, but RED says both the design and price are subject to change.

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