Data Breach - Check Now and See If Your Passwords Have Ever Been Leaked

Data Breach
DATA BREACHES  - Over 560 Million Passwords Discovered in Anonymous Online Database become an unfortunate and common part of online life. That said, there are lots of ways to keep yourself protect online leaks the main possible thing to be secure online is that changing your passwords regularly-every day there seems to be another cyber security crisis. If you haven’t changed your passwords recently, it’s now officially time: a massive database containing login credentials is floating around the internet. . 
Did you Know? 
Have I Been Pwned is a site that is trying to keep all that data in one place.  
Go to Pwned Passwords section and enter your old passwords (Ex: ur old passwords used for any website) to see if they have ever appeared in a Data breach. As it figures out that the password is in the list of data breach you definitely don’t want to use this site for any passwords you are currently using try out a different one.


This is a great way to check if ur password you’re planning on using has been included in any breach in the past or not. And if your choice of passwords keep showing up in the database, you should consider using a password manager to generate stronger passwords easily.
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