HBO Offered Hackers $250,000 As A “Bug Bounty Reward”, but Hackers Rejected

HBO-Bug Bounty Reward

GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 EPISODE: As we known that recently ongoing HBO hack and Got leak online. As it turns out, HBO tried to pay off $250,000 to the hackers and stop them from leaking unreleased all the Game of Thrones Season 7 episodes, script, employee emails, and cast contact information as an "Bug Bounty Reward".
from the recent reports by Variety, the hackers sent them a screenshot of an email which was sent by HBO with a “Bug Bounty Payment Reward” offer's worth $250,000.

“[We’ve] been working hard since July 23 to review all of the material that you have made available to us. … In the spirit of professional cooperation, we are asking you to extend your deadline for one week,” 
but Hackers simply rejected the Bug Bounty Payment Reward” offer's worth $250,000.
Let's look forward and see what will happens in the battlefield between Hackers Vs HBO.

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