PC Check Tool For VR Headsets

Check if your PC supports Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft has released a "Windows Mixed Reality PC Check" app that will let you will check if your Windows 10 PC supports Mixed Reality and this app also suggests the changes in the Software & Hardware configurations that may be required for Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality naturally comes from the definitions for both ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. The definition of ‘virtual’ is near and reality is what we experience as human beings. So the term ‘virtual reality’ basically means ‘Near-Reality’.Window's Mixed Reality is a blend between Virtual Reality and the technology that powers HoloLens. It shields the user from the real world while delivering an immersive virtual world.

Does my PC support Windows Mixed Reality?

Download the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check officially from the Microsoft Windows Store.


Once you have downloaded the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app from the Windows Store, open it. You will agree to the instructions before going to check. Click on it and within a few seconds, the app will tell you if your computer supports Windows Mixed Reality. This app is Similar to the Oculus application that checks if your PC can run the Rift, the software does a quick scan of your hardware before telling you if it’s up to scratch or not. You’ll get a detailed run down on what requirements your device does and does not meet, from the graphics card and drive to USB type and RAM.



If you are looking for the hardware specs you will get those listed here on Microsoft Store.

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